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The more we can deactivate or release the problem causing trigger points, the better the client feels.  The two main results of releasing these trigger points are decreased pain and increased range of motion.  This in turn results in clients sleeping better, taking less medication, doing the hobbies they love and all the other lifestyle activities we take part in daily. 

Your massage therapist will explain this work during your session so you will know exactly what feedback they need and how to keep the pain within your threshold. Trigger point massage is very effective and may soon become your favorite technique.   

trigger point therapy

There are different ways to release these trigger points.  We most often use static pressure and while in communication with the client we wait until a release is felt.  This is one technique which is uncomfortable and sometimes very painful for the client so the therapist is in communication with the client during the process.  We use a numbered pain scale 1 -10.  Ten being the worse pain the client has ever experienced.  We typically don't go above a 7 on this perceived pain scale.   

how are trigger points treated?

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neuromuscular therapy

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Neuromuscular therapy (commonly known as trigger point therapy) is a massage technique that we at Massage La Mesa use often.  We use it because it benefits a wide range of muscular problems we see and in short amounts of time.  Let us explain.  

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Although the physiology of a trigger point is extremely complex, for practical purposes we can call it a "knot" or a wad of muscle fibers which are in a hard contraction, never relaxing.  A trigger point in a muscle could be actively painful or it could manifest no pain at all unless touched.  Often it sends pain or what we call a a referral somewhere else in the body.  For example, a trigger point in the scalene muscle group of the neck when pressed may refer pain down the arm.   

what is a trigger point?

how does this help my pain?

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