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You may have noticed this flexible tape on people other than athletes lately and that's because what once was only used in the world of sports and physical therapy has now become more widely used in everyday life.  Although we know the tape works, clients still have a hard time understanding why it works.  The following information should shed some light on the physiology behind this "magic" tape. 

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Kinesiology tape is lightweight and flexible, mimicking elasticity of skin.  The thickness is approximately the same as the epidermis of the skin.  It is 100% cotton or a cotton/rayon fiber blend, hypoallergenic and latex free.  With water resistant properties the tape can be worn throughout daily life including showers and exercise, even in the pool, for 3-5 days.   

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Dr. Kenzo Kase, DC, originally developed this type of taping over 30 years ago in Japan.  Dr. Kase theorized that this new method of taping could work  in unison with the body's natural healing processes by allowing the body to maintain mobility and support as well as providing reparative assistance to the lymphatic system where generally the process is slowed due to pain and inflammation.  

Kinesiology tape is made by at least 20 different companies including KT, Theraband, Rock Tape, Spartan Tape and Kinesio and can easily be found at sporting good stores, drug stores and even supermarkets.  If applied correctly, there doesn't seem to be too much difference in the brand you purchase.  We have rolls of tape for sale in the office for your convenience.         

Call the office today for your initial evaluation and application of kinesiology tape to compliment your wellness routine.  

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The three most common outcomes the tape offers are:

  • relax hypertonic muscles
  • stimulate inhibited muscles
  • reduce pain and edema

The tape is used to "lift the skin" to allow normal movement of interstitial fluid.  The goal is to reduce pain and inflammation.  This is achieved by the tape's stretch capabilities.  When placed upon the surface of the skin the tape will lift the skin, creating space in the area where blood and lymph flow as well as relieve pressure on sensory nerves, thus less pain is felt.  This space is known as the interstitial space.  It is within this space that our bodies own healing functions thrive to restore homeostasis to the body.

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When applied properly, Kinesiology tape can enhance the results of current goals during massage therapy treatment.  This is why we at Massage La Mesa are excited to offer this as an additional service to our clients.  We often teach clients how to tape themselves at home.    Positive results are found with overuse injuries such as tendonitis, muscle strains, chronic pain, frozen shoulder, and headaches to name a few.   

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