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Your Body’s Talking.  Are You Listening?

Whether it’s a nagging ache or our back going out, when we hurt we are aware of our bodies.  What about when we’re not hurting?  Do we give our body a second thought?  This is “body awareness” and it can be easy if we learn to listen to what our body is saying on a daily basis.  Awareness is the first step.

Our bodies have a constant stream of dialog if we choose to listen.  How many times can you remember having a nagging ache or pain that you ignored until it was screaming at you?  When you notice the nagging, take action!  This is the time to stretch, use an ice or heat pack, give the area a rest, or get a massage.  Massage is great to bring total body awareness.  Some of us don’t want to be aware, or never have been aware and when you start it’s a whole new world.  If we noticed and then listened to the everyday chatter our body has then we become part of the conversation.  We gain a whole new appreciation for our bodies.  What a wonderful, perfect working machine!     

It’s important to receive a full body massage every session you get.  Massage is a perfect way for you to get in tune with your body.  Notice how that exact part of your body feels next time you’re getting a massage.  Have awareness of each individual part of your body as the therapist moves through the different muscles.  You may find yourself saying “I didn’t even know that was sore until you touched it.”  The more you’re aware of what’s “normal” for your body, the sooner you will notice when something is “off”.  Being in tune with your body is wonderful.  You will learn to appreciate and be grateful for the body you have.  We are all a work in progress. 

So the next time you are receiving a massage, relish every nuance of feeling or sensation, good or bad that your body’s telling you.  Your body and mind will thank you! 

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