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During this hour long massage, Essential Oils are applied to topically or aromatically.  This produces a profound whole body wellness experience.  

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Essential oils are the extracts of botanicals, like mint, lavender, and orange. They are extracted through many processes, such as steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressuring.  Most parts of the plants are used for these processes, including the roots, leaves, stems, flowers, and bark. This helps to guarantee that the oils are far more pure and powerful than the original botanicals from which they come from.

Aromatic Application is the use of the sense of smell to receive physiological, mental and emotional responses. Due to the quick and effective absorption by the smell receptors, responses can be extremely strong. Smell, emotions, memory, and behavior are functions that are supported through the smell receptors.  The most common method of aromatic application is aromatic diffusion, which is the use of a diffuser with hot or cold water to disperse the essential oil throughout a room or area. 

The next method is aromatic wafting by putting a few drops into the palm of your hand and cupping your hands around your nose and mouth. This is great if you have a stuffy nose and want the relief of eucalyptus oil. 

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Topical Application is extremely beneficial, especially for localized benefits. Some of the best places to topically apply essential oils are the neck, the forehead and temples, the chest and abdomen, and the hands and feet. Essential Oils are lipid soluble and have very low molecular weights so they easily penetrate skin although there are some ways to increase penetration. The inclusion of massage into the topical application of essential oils can increase effects, due to the increase in blood circulation and the decrease in muscle tension. The use of Fractionated Coconut Oil mixed with the essential oil can also help increase penetration because when the skin is dry, it is more difficult to penetrate.  Mixing with Fractionated Coconut Oil also reduces the chance of having a skin sensitivity to the essential oils if otherwise applied neat or full strength. Some of the other methods of topical application include adding essential oils to a bath, making a cold or hot compress out of a towel and essential oils and then applying it to affected area, and adding essential oils to a lotion or moisturizer.

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